A playground with rope cable structures is a great option to enjoy good times with the family, strengthening bonds with children. Another great advantage of this type of structure is that the children can develop confidence at heights because they are friendly to experiment without fear. But to become a place for children’s physical and cognitive development and entertainment, a playground that has a rope-cord structure must be reliable and supported by a trusted supplier. Below we will share four tips when choosing a Rope Cable structures provider for a public park

Location within the public park

Considering the rope cable, the structure’s location is very important because it is a suitable type of game to experience outdoors. However, there is the option of installing this type of structure indoors. It is essential to know that both options allow you to install rope cable structures with similar options, but experiencing it outdoors is undoubtedly an unforgettable experience for everyone in the family. Systems built taking advantage of trees, forming trails, and routes full of adventures make the game transform into something unique and stimulating for children.

We also need to consider when installing rope cable structures what kind of experience we want to have: routes, involvement of nature in the game, mixed among the trees to generate incredible play spaces or perhaps inside a gym (away from the trees and plants) to provide the same cognitive and entertainment benefit, but in a more place sheltered. A playground with a rope cable structure offers different aerial bridges; these “zip lines” allow movement and reach new areas within the zone or entertainment structure.


It is essential to know the processes of installing rope cable structures, for example, the cost and time required to install, what is the means of transport to bring the pieces of the structure, if we are going to give training on the maintenance of the rope cable structures, payment methods, etc. at this point, a qualified provider will inform us or advise us on this entire process.

The experience

It is essential that when choosing our supplier of equipment for rope cable structures; we choose a company with experience in this area of ​​business. Experience will be vital, as it shows that the provider is knowledgeable in managing a project such as creating Rope Cable structures for our children. If we hire a provider experienced in the area (for example, British Columbia), they will offer advice that will fit our needs.

Information on rope cable structure

The supplier of rope cable structures must provide information on the different systems that exist, distinguish the different ages for what it builds the game, and its possibilities. It is essential to provide users or potential buyers with information about the safety and use of the appliances in the correct way to avoid possible accidents or injuries to children or adolescents. When finding out about potential suppliers, we must also consider its reviews on its website or different social networks about works carried out previously. Hence, it is essential to look for and observe examples of constructions that they have carried out.

What do you think about this topic? What other additional points do you consider necessary to consider when choosing a Rope Cable structures provider?

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