Having a public space that can be shared with families in our neighborhood is an excellent opportunity not only to encourage our children to come out and play (we already know the advantages this can offer). But also it’s the perfect chance to build a sense of community that will bring only positive things for parents and caregivers.

Lack of adequate parks and facilities in communities can be linked to major problems such as increased crime, decreased property values, and deterioration of residents’ mental health and quality of life.

Let’s see three huge perks of installing a playground in your community:

Practicing social skills

When people of all ages and backgrounds must take care of the same space, such as a playground in their community, they can put aside their differences and make decisions together that favor the majority, and especially the youngest ones.

Therefore, having a playground is not only ideal for everyone’s enjoyment but also serves as a project in which the community can learn or strengthen social skills necessary for good coexistence, such as conflict resolution, assertive communication, leadership, and active listening.

Promoting physical exercise

Many times we excuse our lack of physical activity by not having time to go to the gym due to responsibilities at home and work.

But what if just by accompanying your child to the playground, you can find a team that will help you exercise daily while the little ones have fun playing? Outdoor fitness equipment is the perfect complement to that. Thanks to their specific designs, each piece of equipment has a unique functionality that makes it possible for every member of the community to find the one that best suits their needs. But most importantly, exercising will never be easier again and you’ll be getting quality time being active close to home!

Plus, with a playground surround available, children are more likely to leave the couch and videogames behind in favor enjoy some basic physical activity by playing.

Getting know each other

Community playgrounds create relaxed spaces in which residents can meet, interact and connect.

With the pandemic, it has become more difficult to interact safely with others physically; however, visiting your neighborhood playground can be an opportunity to resume those types of interactions while maintaining distance and safety.

Adults can have the same benefits from playgrounds just as much as kids, spending time relaxing outdoors is one of the best ways to meet other families. Forming new friends and building a sense of belonging is a key factor for fostering mental health!

Then don’t wait any longer and start to design your own community playground! At Westplay, we can customize yours based on your community’s needs, history, and budget. Reach out for more info at 604-424-4168 – info@westplay.ca

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