The track rides offer an adrenaline rush to children who have fun moving along the rails of this game, where, in a bidirectional way, they can go back and forth on a route that guarantees exciting moments full of laughter and joy. However, there may be some fear about using these elements within the playground that can generate certain myths or false beliefs. In this article, we will mention some myths about track rides.

They are not safe for children

Some may think that track rides are not for children since they include movement, height, and speed. However, these rides have been specially designed to be used by children at specific ages; that’s why they come in various dimensions. Additionally, the speed at which the child moves on the ride is controlled to avoid accidents.

Although the track rides are games that move on rails, they are elements specially designed for playgrounds. Hence, the distances traveled are linear, without sharp turns or twists, besides being much shorter than a roller coaster. The main difference is that they are not motorized equipment, so the speed with which children move is much lower than any element of an amusement park, so children do not run any risk when using this equipment in playgrounds.

They are not useful

The track rides are a solid structure, generally describing a linear and bidirectional trajectory, so they occupy a considerable space; however, they are perfectly incorporated into any playground and allow the creation of more complex play systems with the incorporation of different elements that provide more fun and where they can develop their skills. Track rides serve not only to move the child from one point to another but also as physical exercise, an endurance test, a creative stimulant, a social meeting point, and much more. 

Not healthy for the children

In addition to pleasant moments and hours of fun, track rides are an excellent way to exercise the upper limbs and upper body, including the abdomen, chest, back, shoulders, arms, and back. They also help develop gross and fine motor skills, help with social skills, manage emotions and feelings, and overcome limits such as fear of heights and speed. 

Track rides are an excellent physical exercise that stimulates children to go out and play outdoors to share with their classmates, friends, and neighbors. It also helps to reduce sedentary lifestyles and combat childhood obesity. Additionally, it strengthens the bonds of friendship and group support, encouraging friends while they do the track ride. 

What do you think about this topic? Do you know another myth about track rides?

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