The demand for backyard playsets has increased as families spend more time at home thanks to the pandemic.

For a lot of Canadians, equipment like trampolines, backyard pools, other water toys, or even zip lines have become popular purchasing for their houses.

Buying a high-quality playset for your children to enjoy for years to come is a great investment in their overall development and their fun!

Still in doubt? Keep reading and find the top 3 reasons for having a backyard playground:

Count as a personalized option

Commercial playgrounds as we know them can become boring, without new hazards and leave your children unsatisfied. With a playground of your own, children can enjoy a play area customized to their interests and needs.

Not only you can choose the type of play equipment to be added to the space (whether it be slides, swings, towers, etc.), but also the materials, colors, and sizes of the play structures.

All of this will vary depending on your estimated budget, but we will ensure that designing a fun space for your family will be a memorable and entertaining task with a guaranteed unique result.

They’re easy to “reach”

We are aware that accompanying your child to the nearest playground takes time and even extra gas, and many times with the daily hustle and bustle that’s what we lack.

We know the importance of giving your child a space during the day to play, so having a playground in your backyard can be a great convenience.

It will eliminate the need to drive to a commercial playground and best of all, you will be able to get your daily chores done without losing sight of the little ones at home.

Increase children safety

Safety is Westplay’s number one priority. That’s why we know that on many occasions, taking your children to a public playground can be an overwhelming task because we have to be alert about all possible physical risks.

However, a big pro that residential playgrounds have over commercial ones is the sense of increased security that they can provide for parents.

By having their own private play space, children can play freely without having to worry about safety hazards and of course, develop self-independence and practice problem-solving skills.

This will also give you as a parent peace of mind knowing that your child is in a safe space with quality equipment.

Top 3 reasons for having a backyard playground

In a nutshell, having a backyard playset will allow spending quality time with your family enjoying a personalized and secured play space at your fingertips. From our experience, a well-built playset will add value to your house and neighborhood and provide tons of hours of outdoor play, exercise, and bonding for your children.

Thinking of buying a backyard playset? Let us help you to find the right one for your family. Contact us at or 604-424-4168 and ask for the wide variety of options we have for you!

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