Spinning is an activity that entertains children; therefore, many playgrounds have been designed to allow children to spin at stimulating speeds without risking their safety on the spinners. The Spinners are elements that bring children a lot of fun and excitement. Spinners benefit children’s development, whether individually or as part of a play system, by challenging and stimulating their abilities and improving skills. In this article, we will learn how spinners help our children’s development.

Sensory stimulation

The spinners provide children with sensory stimulation and teach them the cause-effect relationship; for example, with weight changes in the equipment, the spinner can move differently, and the sensation of the wind or even its temperature can be felt differently with speed, allowing them to make associations between the movement and the speed of the spin, small experiments that they learn through observation and exploration. They also serve to develop balance and depth perception.

Development of body awareness

The movement and spinning give children a feeling of instability, so they must learn to support and hold themselves properly to avoid falling. Spinners help children develop body awareness that will allow them to know the right movements to make, how to stay upright, and where to place their center of gravity to maintain balance while playing. 

They learn in a group

The spinners, whether they are used as independent elements or as part of a playground game system, are always a fun complement that stimulates children to play outdoors and also in a group. Different designs of spinners can be used by one or several children, encouraging cooperative play, and can even stimulate problem-solving while trying to figure out how to make the spinner increase its speed or turn in the opposite direction.

Sense of cooperation

In the case of individual spinners, children learn that they must wait for their turn to use them, keeping order and patience until it is their time to play so that everyone can use the equipment equally and fairly. For the spinners that several children can use, it teaches them to help each other in case a child cannot get on the equipment by himself or to support each other because he is afraid of speed, encouraging collaboration, companionship, and teamwork. 

Pushing their limits

Spinners also help children push their limits and break through fear. Spinners can provide an exciting game where speed and spinning are the leading entertainment, but some children may be afraid of speed or falling; however, the fun it gives gets children excited to participate, progressively decreasing their fears until they thoroughly enjoy using the equipment.

What do you think about this topic? How else do you think spinners help children’s development?

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