Using a  swing is an activity that never goes out of fashion and is enjoyed by children, and even adults, of all ages; besides being pleasant, it brings multiple benefits for the development of children and is an automatic synonym for well-being, happiness, and sense of freedom; being also swinging, one of the main movements that babies experience to help them relax and that is always enjoyed. In this post, we are going to explain how swings help the development of our children, being more than a simple game.

Increases security and confidence

Some children may be afraid of swings, either because of the height, speed, or the movement itself, but as they discover the fun of this activity, they gradually overcome their fears and limitations, increasing their security and self-confidence. It also gives them the feeling of control of their body, learning to be more precise with their movements, being aware of their strength, and improving the coordination of their arms and legs.

Helps develop social skills

Swings can help children to socialize, and teamwork by pushing the swing with each other, learn to control themselves, respect and wait without becoming anxious by taking turns playing, helps spontaneous interaction, and encourages communication with both other children and their parents, being in a relaxed, serene and cheerful atmosphere, allowing the child to feel more comfortable to express their emotions and report events as they occur. 

Benefits physical development

Nowadays children have a more sedentary life thanks to television, computers, and video games, reducing the time they spend outdoors and doing physical exercise. With the swings, these activities are stimulated, since it is something fun that without realizing it, exercises them and helps them develop their muscles, and improve flexibility, balance, and coordination, also resulting in an excellent cardiovascular exercise. 

Reinforce sensory integration

When swinging, children experience a unique sensory experience that recreates the sensation of flying, feeling the breeze and the temperature with the movement, and noticing the height and the strength with which it moves, all this helps the child to understand the world around him and perceive all the elements of his environment. Swinging also stimulates different parts of the child’s brain, favoring the development of its interconnections involved in spatial awareness, rhythm, balance, and muscle control. 

Calming effect

Despite being a dynamic activity, rocking has a relaxing effect, as the synchronized back-and-forth movement has a calming effect. This helps children to calm down and overcome stressful situations, which is very useful in a society where immediate gratification and stress abound.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know another way in which swings help the development of children? 

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