Listening to or playing music that we enjoy can reduce our stress, make us feel more connected with our present, or simply distract us when we need it.

Usually, we associate music with leisure or at least resting spaces…but did you know that now it can be added to your child’s play spaces?

A new trend seen in playgrounds is to add accessories that increase play value for our little ones. These can be creative panel fences, themed props (like handlebars or binoculars), or musical instruments!

Today we see two huge benefits that the inclusion of musical instruments at the playground brings to your child:

Boost Memory

Playing an instrument requires being focused at significant levels of concentration. Research has shown that people who play music have better working memory skills by helping kids to focus their attention on specific aspects for sustained periods.

In the end, a good working memory allows children to improve information processing and be more attentive to what is going on around them.

Promote Self-expression

When children dance to music, they are not just doing physical activity but developing ways to express themselves. When a child learns how to express himself, he is practicing how to communicate to others what he thinks and feels.

Music is one of the most used means by society to express different moods that cannot be said in simple words, therefore, playing with musical instruments can motivate the most introverted or shy children to be able to communicate what they feel and find a way to connect with their peers.

Why choose musical instruments for your play space?

Musical instruments in your backyard or playground are an innovative way for your children to explore the world and create the perfect learning space for them while are having a lot of fun with sound and rhythms.

Let us know in the comments if you knew about these benefits. Including music on the playground sounds like a great idea…if you agree, ask for the musical instruments we have for you with our partners. Contact us at 604-424-4168 or

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