When we are in our childhood we learn important life skills. Among these skills is socialization, which is a fundamental part of everyone’s social and emotional development. Socialization is the process when people learn how to adapt and adjust to groups. Kids know about others’ expectations, norms & values, and also learn how to regulate themselves in social contexts.

Playtime is one of the first spaces where children develop socialization. However, today we can see a major problem, the Covid-19 pandemic has brought physical isolation and with it, social isolation. Parents have significantly reduced their children’s outings to public spaces for fear of contagion.

Despite this, families have tried to return to their daily lives, including promoting physical activity in their children. And what safer way to do this than by providing a play space at home? Have you heard of a backyard playset? Today, we share with you how backyard playsets enhance socialization during a pandemic:

Promoting friendship

We are socializing when we interact with someone in a more “prolonged” way and with a reciprocal interest. For this reason, playtime is the ideal time to meet new people and have the opportunity to establish new bonds since there are no rules or strict limits. When your child is having fun, he/she has more chances to be open to saying “hello” and building new friendships.

Developing assertive and positive communication

Because playgrounds are contexts in which it is necessary to interact with others, children generally must communicate both verbally and physically. Not only must they express to others what roles they will have in play, define the rules, or ask for a turn, but they may also express their feelings, wishes, and opinions. Play encourages prosocial behaviors and helps children learn to communicate their intentions appropriately.

Learning to share

Children learn to cooperate, negotiate, take turns and share the same play equipment through play on their playgrounds. Sharing implies empathy. That means children learn the ability to get into another’s viewpoint and feel things from others, which at last will have an important impact on their future relationships and bonds.

In summary, home playgrounds are perfect settings for play dates and interactions between children during the pandemic as they promote socialization and safety at the same time. Likewise, playing outdoors will allow for physical distancing measures to be taken but without losing the socialization moment, which is fundamental for the integral development of children.

What do you think about this topic? What other benefits do you think playgrounds bring to socialization?

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