Promoting imagination in children is something essential that parents and educators should do since this enriches creative thinking and can successfully develop innate talents. The ability to think of something new and different and look for solutions beyond the obvious are just some of the aspects motivated by stimulating creativity in the little ones in the house. 

Children’s playtime is always a time where the imagination is fueled through new scenarios, environments, and situations. Creativity can be enhanced by including imagination playsets in the playgrounds of our homes, schools, and communities to provide a large number of advantages, which we will mention below:

It helps the development of abstract thinking

The imagination playset seeks to enrich the gaming experience and turn a simple object into a world of fun that changes with each game session. For example, using one bell can be an alarm in a fire station, a signal to enter classes in a school. This element represents endless options that will depend on the child to decide what world they want to create at that moment, only having an object in sight.

Promotes laughter

The happiness of our children is priceless, and listening to them laughing is music to our ears, so include elements that stimulate their fun and have fun to the fullest. For example, our Haha Mirror offers great moments of joy to children by giving them back a reflection with funny faces. Children are amazed by these elements that do not return an actual image of their face but gestures and contortions.

Expand your world

With the incorporation of imagination playsets in the playgrounds of schools and communities, children, through their group activities, will have the opportunity to know and learn more by exchanging their experiences, opinions, and points of view, expanding through the game, their general knowledge since they can discover new objects and elements through their conversations and the development of games that are born from the imagination.

Develop cognitive skills

The imagination playset helps the development of cognitive skills such as perception, memory, and even language. These playsets stimulate children to communicate the scenarios and actions happening around the playset and the direction they want to give their story to play. They can express how they perceive the situations that are developing. For example, by using one flag, the child can develop a pirate story with their peers, where each is a character on the treasure hunt.

The child is known more

Through games, children can express likes and interests that they may not have communicated openly. For example, their drawing skills can be detected using a “blackboard” and their interest in learning to swim by playing pirates with the “flag.” These activities that most attract children and can be channeled so that they practice them and enhance their talents.

What did you think of this topic? What other advantages do you know about imagination playsets? 

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