Playgrounds include many elements, and each one has a specific function beyond just having fun and being a space to play. Each playset has been designed to fulfill a mission and develop one or several skills in children. Whether physical skills or not, playgrounds also help strengthen social and emotional skills that help the child’s healthy overall growth. One of the playsets that boost other abilities beyond the physical ones is the Imagination Playsets. This article will explain a little more about what they are.

What are the Imagination Playsets?

Imagination Playsets are those devices that are included in playgrounds and home; seeking to stimulate the child’s imagination and creativity through the creation of situations that they may or may not experience in real life, such as: being a pirate, climbing mountains, being a firefighter, among millions of possibilities. Children role-play different experiences in a safe environment. Imagination Playsets are the starting point to millions of fantasy worlds.

Why include imagination playsets?

Imaginative play contributes in a healthy way to the general development of children. Children can learn functional skills and the ability to solve situations based on hypothetical situations. So, providing accessories that help create play situations facilitates and stimulates the imagination, actively encourages the child to participate in group activities, and creates unexpected learning opportunities.

One playset = thousands of games

The imagination playsets are one, but the play options are endless as it will be up to each child to create a different story for their play session: playing cops and robbers can the binoculars tto catch the thieves or can use them to see the ground firm when playing pirates, the blackboard can be used to play school or to draw a map, in short, the possibilities are endless as well as the fun of children.

Advantages of imagination playsets

The main advantage of the imagination playsets is that they encourage creativity in a safe place. Children unleash their creativity with individual or group games, where physical development is also favored for fun. Another advantage is that it provides children with the opportunity to learn about the perspective of other people and respect their opinions. Help increase vocabulary and learn more about different cultures, supporting inclusion.

Helps manage emotions

Group imaginative games help develop skills to manage emotions and solve problems. When role-playing, in many cases, several children will want a specific role, for example: being the pirate who looks for the treasure, the fire chief, or the expedition leader. In these cases, children need to learn to deal with unpleasant emotions, share, and take turns to continue playing.

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