Playgrounds are fundamental for the development of children since they combine their fun with learning what it means to have a sports spirit, brotherhood, and integration. But a playground should be a safe place where the child can fall with the minimum risk of getting hurt.

Playgrounds used to use artificial grass, gravel, or concrete as a surface, but falls and slips on this type of material increase the risk of serious injury, so surfaces that absorb impacts are adequately recommended, such as In the case of rubber. This article will learn why it is recommended to use Rubber Surfacing in public parks.

Protects from falls

When children run and play, it is almost inevitable that they will fall, which can cause fear of particular places and elements of the playground. In that way, it is necessary to ensure that the play space is pleasant so that in case it happens to fall, children land on a safe surface and do not get hurt. Rubber surfacing fulfills this function entirely.

They are suitable for inclusive playgrounds

The rubber surfaces offer a smooth finish that facilitates access for all users, even in wheelchairs. In addition, they do not leave marks even when using bicycles or toy cars on them, so they do not deform easily but maintain uniformity of their surface. That makes it easy to move over it without the risk of forming lumps or waves that could cause children to trip and hurt themselves.

Generate more traction

When designing a children’s playground, it is essential to consider the traction of the ground since children are going to run continuously through these spaces, and we need to guarantee that they do so safely, minimizing the risk of slips and falls, whether the surface is dry or wet.This is a critical factor to consider, especially in outdoor playgrounds, as they are prone to be affected by rain. Rubber surfaces offer superior traction in dry and wet conditions, making them the most popular, safe, and recommended option to prevent slips and falls in public parks.

They offer great durability

People transit playgrounds continuously. Many children run, walk and even skid through the different spaces, circulation of wheelchairs, or baby strollers. Rubber surfaces offer superior durability for a playpen safety material that is highly durable and minimizes gradual degradation, so child safety is not compromised.

They are easy to maintain

Cleaning children’s areas can be tedious; besides environmental factors such as fallen leaves, dirt, or dust, children can leave food scraps spill juice, or candy. Rubber surfaces are recommended because they are easy to clean and disinfect, easy to maintain, resistant to stains, moisture, weather, and highly durable.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know another reason to use rubber surfacing?

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