Sliding is the ideal complement for outdoor games. It is a playset of children’s favorites as it is challenging and fun, in addition to having that adrenaline offered by the climb and the fun of sliding from the top. For this motive, slidings have become almost essential in all backyards. In this post, we will know three reasons why we should include sliders in our backyard.

Learn about the practicality of having a playground at home

For children, it is a dream to have a playground in their backyard because it allows them to play and enjoy any free time from the comfort of home. There may not be a public playground near the house in many cases. It isn’t easy to have time to take the children to activities outside the home, especially during the week.

Fortunately, there is equipment for playgrounds that can be installed in our homes, adapted to our budget and available space. For example, the slidings can be placed in the backyard or the garden, outdoors or covered, thus allowing children to play at any moment.

Encourage movement

Playing on a slide motivates children to get moving, combating sedentary and obesity by promoting an active and outdoor lifestyle. Sliding allows the child to be outdoors in contact with nature and not so much with video games, computers, mobile phones, and screens inside their room. As a result, the child feels free, excited, and animated. Climbing, sliding, and running to slide again will make them have so much fun and expend energy on this exercise that it will also help them sleep better.

Allows the child to exercise at home

Using a slide combines different movements that allow the development of psychomotricity and help the child to know and have better control of his body. The use of slidings coordinates the work of legs and arms. Stand up, climb steps to reach the top, sit and let yourself slide down to the ground, and then repeat the cycle; it becomes a complete workout improving your balance and reflexes.

What do you think about this topic? Do you want a sliding for your kids in your backyard?

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