Sliding is an excellent option for children; it offers significant advantages for their physical and mental development and gives them hours of guaranteed fun. Children love the sensation of climbing to the top and then sliding back to the ground. Having a slider as part of the playset in our backyard is a great idea to complement a fun center where we can share unforgettable moments with the whole family. However, before installing a slide in the backyard, it is necessary to have specific considerations. This article will discuss four mistakes to avoid when choosing a sliding for our children in the backyard.

Choosing the wrong materials

One of the main mistakes when choosing the elements that will be part of the sliding playset in the backyard is selecting the wrong material for its manufacture. The materials are related to the type of surface where it will be installed if it is outdoors and the frequency it requires to perform maintenance, among others. For example, placing a metal slide in an area where it receives direct sunlight all day is not recommended. Children could burn if it is not previously checked or if it does not have some shade that can protect it. The supplier must consider selecting the appropriate slide for the client’s requirements.

Quality not checked

Many playsets can look beautiful in the catalogues. Still, it is necessary to verify that they have adequate quality and look good since the ones who will use the equipment are children. The sliding must have a perfect finish, that is, without splinters, protruding nails or screws, sharp edges, and rough surfaces, which can cause harm to children. That is why the supplier must guarantee the quality of the materials, finishes, and equipment installation so that children can play without problems.

Do not consider the age of the children

Although the users of the playset are children, manufacturers must consider the age to design an ideal play center for them. Considering savings and those children that can use the playset for many years, the equipment selection may be aimed at older children. However, younger children cannot enjoy it properly because they can be at risk of getting hurt. The opposite can even happen: the playset is too small for children. For this reason, it is necessary to seek appropriate advice and have a provider specializing in backyard playsets that offers the best option depending on each client.

Security items not checked

It is crucial to consider the safety elements that sliding brings. Verify that it has adequate railings so that children can have a solid grip when climbing, that the ladder’s steps also offer excellent support, and that there is no risk of slipping. As for falls, make sure the ramp is an entirely smooth surface to avoid cuts and other injuries.

What do you think about this topic? Do you want a sliding for your kids in your backyard?

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