Children are an inexhaustible energy source; they can run, jump, or hang anywhere all day, keeping themselves in continuous activity. A very effective way to channel this energy is through climbing. Play boulders are an excellent element to practice in playgrounds without the need to pay for expensive gyms or expose yourself to uncontrolled environments.

The play boulders allow children to climb in a safe, suitable environment, made with elements that guarantee they will not get hurt. By doing sports, children will have significant benefits for their health while having fun since it is very dynamic, social, and intellectual. This post will explain more about the relationship between climbing exercise and children’s health.

Sport develops skills in general

Sport is not just about improving personal appearance; it is essential to maintain perfect health, combined with healthy eating and good habits. In the case of children, they must play sports to improve their physical abilities, strengthen their muscles and bones, and keep their cardiovascular and respiratory systems healthy. It also allows children to interact with classmates, favouring their social skills development.

Muscular strength and endurance

During growth, the muscular development of children is essential; through exercise and particularly climbing, integral muscular strength and resistance are increased since the number of muscles that are activated through the movements that are made is very wide; where some of the groups that are worked the most are: the forearms, the back, the legs, the abdomen, and the biceps. The rest of the muscles intervene depending on the type of movement, making it a complete exercise.

Strengthens the core of the body

Climbing as a sport strengthens the entire muscular area surrounding the center of gravity. Stability, balance, coordination, agility, and laterality are improved, allowing a better understanding of the body and its capabilities. The abdominals and lower back can reach their maximum performance with constant training.

Avoid childhood obesity

Climbing is an activity that helps burn a large number of calories, being able to double or triple what is burned walking. The imposing structures of the play boulders, shapes, and colours invite children to climb on them to have fun. Boulder climbing helps to avoid a sedentary lifestyle, which is a factor that affects childhood obesity. The play boulders allow children to keep moving, get active and carry out an entertaining recreational activity.

Psycho Emotional health

Climbing is a complete sport for children, bringing them benefits in many aspects of their lives and allowing them to maintain good habits in the future. In addition to all the physical benefits this activity brings, climbing also favours children’s psychological and emotional health. It allows children to have greater confidence in themselves and their abilities, speed up decision-making, and be more social. They learn about leadership and group work, manage frustration, and help with self-esteem.

What did you think of this topic? What other health benefits do you think play boulders offer?

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