Playgrounds offer an infinite number of possibilities in terms of design and manufacturing. They provide hours of fun for children with their different equipment, elements, and even the walkways and rest areas, which are possible to make different and fun. The world of playgrounds is that wide, so the variety of equipment that can be used is extensive. Additional components can be combined so that no two playgrounds are the same and provide various benefits. This article will explain some of the main elements that can make up a playground and the materials with which they are manufactured.

Modular Metal Equipment

Metal equipment is widespread in playgrounds due to its durability and resistance. The modules are generally made of metal pipes and plates joined by electro-welding to guarantee that the joints will not give way. The assembly and anchoring are also done with galvanized steel or stainless steel fasteners to prevent the equipment from falling apart. These types of equipment are subjected to galvanized processes and covered with electrostatic paint to increase durability as it protects from water, avoiding oxidation. Modular metal equipment can include complex structures with towers, bridges, ladders, and even simple slides, teeter-totters, or swings.

Natural Wood Equipment

The natural playgrounds offer children an approach to nature; they are fresh and ideal for the summer and hot seasons. Wood is one of the favorite materials for constructing playgrounds, thanks to its multiple benefits. Thanks to its versatility, bridges, tunnels, barrels, boats, site furniture, playhouses, and much more can be built. Different types of wood can be used, depending on their characteristics and the type of element to be manufactured, since it is necessary to consider their resistance and hardness. The wood must be previously treated to prevent them from being affected by fungi or insects and to resist the effects that the sun and rain can cause. 

Rope Structures

Rope structures are one of the favorite equipment for children, as they provide fun and adrenaline with exciting and different systems. Rope structures can be fixed climbing elements, such as ladders, bridges, and climbing ropes. They can also include movements, such as diamonds or pyramids, consisting of a structure rotation. These ropes are made of high-strength nylon, which, at the same time, is soft enough not to cause damage to children’s skin


Play boulders are climbing equipment of different shapes, sizes, and colors made of fiberglass and can be used individually or together to create more complicated structures. They can be combined with suspension bridges, ladders, and other elements to increase the complexity and fun of the equipment. These elements are also fastened with screws and other highly resistant, long-lasting metal fasteners. In addition, all the fastening equipment used ensures that the boulders will not slip or slip out of place. 

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