Playgrounds are spaces where children can run, play, and learn while having fun, becoming an essential place in everyone’s childhood since they become a place of recreation for adults and children who share moments of fun and family unity. Games and gaming equipment are critical elements in any playground. In this article, we will talk about the most common play equipment found in playgrounds and which are most used by children.


Swing sets are a classic in playgrounds. These games usually consist of metal, plastic, or wood with seats for children to sit and swing. The children can turn back and forth, and some equipment also has control bars so children can control the motion. The popularity of swing sets is because children enjoy the movement and sensation of flight they feel when swinging. In addition, these games also help improve the coordination and confidence of children.

The classic design has evolved over the years to cover a more extensive range of ages, as there are models of chairs special for babies and small children, to unique models where they can accommodate wheelchairs for children with special mobility needs so that everyone can enjoy the swinging experience.

Climbing equipment

Play boulders are a popular form of play in playgrounds. These games usually consist of a climbing wall with supports, cracks, and holes for children to climb up and down. Children can climb using their hands, feet, and fingers, and some equipment also has elements like ropes for children to hold on to if they need help. Play boulders help improve children’s strength, endurance, and confidence, where they enjoy the challenge of climbing and reaching the top, overcoming obstacles, and overcoming fears.


Teeter-totters are up-and-down equipment and have been one of the most popular games in playgrounds forever. These games usually consist of a wooden or metal structure with a point pivot that allows the ends to swing and can be used as springs to generate movement. These games also help improve coordination, balance, and collaborative play, fostering team confidence. The Teeter-totters are so popular because children enjoy the challenge of going up and down, the experience of seeking balance while in motion. Also, they like their freedom and independence when going up and down on their own.

Ropes structures

Rope structures are another widespread type of game in playgrounds that children enjoy because they represent a means to have fun, challenge yourself, and break your limits. These structures can be made up of meshes, stairs, bridges, or more complex structures. In the rope structures, children enjoy the challenge of balancing and climbing, searching to reach the highest point or crossing to get to the other point.

Sand tables

Sand tables are very popular, especially in schools and kindergartens. These games usually consist of a large sand área with different play elements, such as sandboxes, cups, shovels, and cubes. Children can play in the sand, dig for treasures, make castles, and more. This sensory game stimulates children’s creativity, imagination, and socialization.


Slidings are an essential accessory in playgrounds as they are one of the favorite elements of all children. Sliding helps children with coordination and is a physical activity that helps them exercise their upper and lower bodies, resulting in excellent cardiovascular exercise.

For every taste

Common games and play equipment in playgrounds are not only fun, but they also help improve physical skills and essential social skills and, in addition, offer fun for children who like adventure,  socializing, or even calmer games.  

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