When we refer to playgrounds, the first thing we think about is children’s opportunities to grow, laugh, and develop skills. All children like to spend a sunny afternoon climbing, going down a slide, or swinging together with their friends and family.

For that reason, games must be safe and provide that security so that parents have no doubts about spending a few hours on their community’s playgrounds with their children. In this article, we will mention some rules that govern playground safety in Canada.

Playground surfaces

According to the Canadian Pediatric Society, nearly thirty thousand children under fifteen have cared for different types of injuries on non-compliant playgrounds. For this reason, the surface where the games are mounted is essential.

Surfaces such as wood chips, mulch, sand, gravel, crushed rubber, or rubber mats can make a difference in reducing impact and preventing injury to children. Playgrounds that do not comply with the standards can find concrete, asphalt, or compact dirt on their surfaces.

To the above, we must add the importance of the depth with which the surface counts. Each game has its safety indications and depending on the game it will be the depth that absorbs the blow. The safe characters are free of water, free of stumbling, no loose remains of materials, and the surface must end at 1.8 meters from the equipment.

Playground location

The location to install your playground can make a big difference when it comes to safety. On the path that takes the children to the playground, you have to verify how they have to do the playground. It has to provide security on its own. Potential dangers such as traffic, vegetation, or uneven surfaces make the child trip and fall and go from a fun moment to a painful moment in seconds.

Another aspect is if the playground is going to be located near avenues, ponds, cliffs. Security must be provided by using a fence to ensure that the child when going to the playground, does not have to go out without the company of his father or mother and thus prevent dangers that are sometimes overlooked.


The sun is a great company, and we all enjoy spending time in its heat. But prolonged exposure to the sun without proper care can cause skin damage. It is essential to provide shade in the playground, or if it is not possible to have natural shade to have a structure that serves this purpose.

The place where it is built is essential. You must have a complete view and see the possible risks that children may be exposed to. We must make sure we develop accessible playgrounds with universal income for all children, provide age separation or a play offering that integrates them appropriately.


It is recommended to keep a clear view of the playgrounds, so parents or supervisors can seamlessly monitor their children without following them continuously. This benefits both parties; children can freely develop their world with their peers and parents can enjoy the moment and watch without interrupting the development of activities.


Lastly, signage is significant, knowing which games are suitable for each child, park rules, emergency contact information, or other services. These are factors that can make a difference at the time something happens.

What did you think of the topic of the article? Do you have any experiences that you would like to share with us?

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