Play is an essential part of childhood. Each time children venture into unstructured play, it enables them to develop creativity and discover a world full of adventure on their way. An early childhood playground must meet several criteria to ensure children’s safety, free play, and early stimulation. In this post, we will share some of these features.

Early stimulation

A playground for daycare centers has elements that promote early stimulation in children, essential in the first years of a children’s life. Early stimulation provides physical, social, and mental abilities to the infant and prevents those possible motor, psychological and cognitive disorders.

Early stimulation makes use of its practices involving the senses, perception, and a taste for exploration, discovery, self-control, play, and artistic expression; its purpose is to develop intelligence without ceasing to recognize the importance of consistent emotional ties and a secure personality. One aspect to highlight is that, at least in most early stimulation proposals, the child is the one who generates, modifies, demands, and builds his experiences according to his interests and needs; the educator only helps in the practice of learning. In this environment, the daycare playgrounds play a fundamental role since they allow the child to create games and experiences in a controlled and safe environment.

Free play benefit

Children have two ways of learning, the structured way, and the unstructured way. Playgrounds are part of unstructured learning that seeks to develop cognitive and social functions. It promotes creativity, independence, also developing the physical part, and learning to be in society with peers. Learn to create your rules and accept others’ rules, which ultimately means being part of a small community.

Childcare Playground Safety

When installing a playground, safety must be considered. The design must be viewed as a fundamental part of a daycare. These security conditions will guarantee it is a comfortable and safe place for the little ones to play. The location is crucial because it should facilitate the entrance to the playground. It must have a clean access road to avoid problems when moving to it.

A suitable surface prevents accidents and injuries that are part of learning to play with other children. It can also give a more modern and cheerful appearance when you put it on colorful and bright surfaces. Also, adding a perimeter fence will provide added security so that the children’s caregivers in the nurseries are calmer. It gives them containment and protection from unforeseen events that may appear and be blocked by the fence.

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