Every client wants something unique, but also budget-friendly and logistically efficient. And with the endless playground options available in the market now, it can take a lot of hours to sift through to find the perfect unique playground. And then there are safety and visibility considerations, playground-specific surfacing requirements, and of course, the question of how this equipment or that equipment is going to blend in with your overall design theme.   

Cable Structures from Westplay and Dynamo are a great solution. With a huge range of brand-new designs that offer your clients the most innovative type of playground on the market and a wide variety of colors and themes to suit any given project, a Cable Structure is a solid choice for all the stakeholders in your project. As the designer, you’ll love the variety of configurations and colors, and how the open and airy nature of a cable structure allows visitors to see through it so they can enjoy the great view you’ve created from every angle of the whole space, and parents will feel more secure because they easily can see their kids playing.

The client will love the fact that this type of structure is so unique and not many places have it yet, and the general contractor will be thrilled that so much of the structure is actually negative space between cables and posts because that means shipping is less expensive and a smaller truck can deliver it. And once the project is done, visitors will be impressed with the organic lines and unique appearance a Cable Structure can offer, and kids will want to spend all day playing in it.   

Why Landscape Architects Prefer Rope Courses

Westplay is proud to offer Dynamo Playgrounds Cable Structures, and we would love to answer any questions you have about them or our other products. We can offer you one-stop consulting for playground equipment (the perfect Cable Structure for your current or upcoming design), rubber tiles or poured-in-place rubber surfacing, installation logistics, and other playground accessories to complement the main structure.

Have questions about play value or what types of equipment will be best suited for your client’s visitor demographic? Westplay can help!  Already know your needs and just want aesthetic options? Westplay can help! Want to choose the best inclusive and accessible combination of surfacing and equipment? Westplay can help!

Send us an email at info@westplay.ca, call us at 604-424-4168, or check out our Playground Education series on YouTube or our bite-size Podcast episodes. These resources are free and available to the public because we want to help you understand playground options as well as you understand your clients’ needs.

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