We know that choosing a suitable space for our children’s enjoyment can be complicated…so, if you’re wondering what things to look for in a great playground, keep reading.

Here we list three basic reasons that make a wonderful playground:

Safety & Quality

The most important part of playground equipment. Considering the following safety guidelines is vital to ensure good experiences for the little ones.

It is a long-term investment, so it is necessary to take into account not only its durability but for its high quality in terms of materials and design.

Try to invest in high-end pieces from good manufacturers that ensure good durability for less maintenance. 


It can get boring for your child to go back to playing over and over again on the same old equipment.  

That’s why a good playground has a mix of equipment pieces that offers a wide variety of playing activities (climbing, swinging, running, etc.). 

This will help your child to stay interested and entertained for longer periods when you go to the park. Also, is important to try to look for areas for kids of different ages.

Inclusivity & Accessibility 

For social improvement, we need to be aware of who’s different from us. Because of that, the playground must offer accessible spaces that allow children with different abilities to enter and use it. This can be achieved thanks to modern special equipment and accessible pathways. 

It’s important having an inclusive space for our child to give her/him learning experiences about inclusion, respect, communication, among others. 

three things that make a great playground

Keeping in mind these three things that make a great playground, you can choose the perfect one and your child will have an ​unforgettable experience.

Which ones do you think we missed? read you in the comments

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