Rubber surfacing is the ideal alternative to prevent children from hurting themselves when falling in playgrounds, in addition to preventing slips and falls as it is an anti-slip and shock-absorbing surface. As can be seen, Rubber surfaces offer a wide variety of advantages beyond the aesthetic; for this reason, it is crucial to select a suitable supplier when installing this type of surface. This article will know some points to consider to choose the ideal provider in British Columbia.

The supplier must respond to the needs

Whether it is a playground, walkway, or generic recreation area, the supplier should recommend the most suitable type of rubber surface to use. Plus, you must consider the fall heights, since depending on it, a greater thickness may be necessary to cushion the blows that children could suffer in the event of a fall.

Know the right products

It is about knowing the most suitable rubber surfacing and the types of sealant to use in its installation to guarantee the durability of the material and avoid accidents since it could detach or leak if the provider doesn’t use the appropriate for its application or installation.

Dimensions and shapes

Another factor that the supplier must consider is the space to be covered with the rubber surfacing, taking into account the dimensions and shape of the area to establish the optimal design and the critical areas that require this protection. Also, this includes making visual patterns to improve the park’s aesthetics, properly combining colors, and making everything visually more pleasing for the enjoyment of children and adults.

Experience in the area

It is essential that, when choosing our provider of rubber surfacing, we decide on a company with experience in this business area. Experience will be crucial, as it shows that the supplier has knowledge and experience in these projects (rubber surfacing). If we hire a provider with understanding in the area (British Columbia), they will offer us more tailored to our needs.

Responsible for security

A reliable supplier will recommend the most suitable products according to the client’s needs; this does not mean that they are the cheapest, but they will be the best quality since they are aware that they are equipped to be used by children. Their safety is essential, so elements that put the integrity of children at risk cannot be installed.

What do you think about this topic? What other additional points do you think should be taken into account when choosing a Rubber Surfacing provider?

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