Parkour is an activity that requires strength and agility. It also allows you to develop the body and mind extensively by facing obstacles that come the way, using the body’s capabilities to overcome these challenges. Usually, many people practice parkour on a risky path in the city. They use as elements the sidewalks, railings, roofs of buildings, and other elevated surfaces that can be high risk. However, parkour courses are specifically designed for children with no chance of injury that could occur from practicing these activities in uncontrolled environments. This post will explain why parkour courses (psychomotor courses) are safe.

Designed according to age

Parkour courses even include elements so that younger children can carry out the activities without any risk. They can crawl, run, jump and perform many more suitable movements without fear of injury or doing activities that are not suitable for their age.


Parkour as an “urban sport” is about avoiding sidewalks, fences, and urban furniture. In the park, one can do it on rocks and trees; however, it is not safe for children. Special equipment suitable for the ages and range of children is used in parkour courses, focused on developing natural movement with secure and simple stunts.

Made with quality materials

The raw material used to manufacture the parkour courses is top quality and suitable for use by children. From paint to structure, all elements guarantee the safety and integrity of the children to enjoy their playtime without problems.

It is a controlled area

The parkour courses are located in a controlled area, specifically designed for children’s use. Therefore, all the risk factors that could affect the child are taken into consideration, from creating the parks with the appropriate heights to rubber surfacing to avoid slides and bumps in case of falls, playsets with the right texture to maximize grip without damaging children’s skin.

Expertly Designed

Westplay’s parkour courses (psychomotor courses) are designed by professional experts who ensure the use of space and customer requirements. They offer a personalized project adapted to each budget. Their primary motivation is children’s happiness. Therefore, its main objective is to guarantee their safety and peace of mind when using these courses.

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