The nature of children is to inquire, experiment, discover, know, learn and always be active. So, it is essential to stimulate this investigative and dynamic spirit for healthy and happy growth.

It is necessary to offer children recreational spaces that stimulate their senses and allow them to exercise and have fun. An ideal option for this is the interactive playgrounds, which are facilities that combine the structures of traditional playgrounds with advances and technological elements that maximize the game’s action. However, it is necessary to have specific considerations to choose the most suitable for meeting each client’s needs, whether a school or a community. This article will mention three mistakes when selecting an interactive playground.

Choose a supplier who does not know about the subject

There are many playgrounds with different themes, materials, and styles. Interactive playgrounds are a specific type, which includes other elements that a traditional playground does not. In this case, electronic systems, screens, speakers, and others are incorporated, allowing for an immersive experience. However, as this is a new trend, not all playground providers are trained to design one playground with the proper attributes that make it interactive. It is not only about incorporating some lights or sounds, but it is necessary to develop one complete interactive system.

Use Improper equipment

Each project is a different design that adjusts to the client’s requirements regarding space, budget, execution time, materials, distribution, and users, among others. A common mistake is selecting inadequate equipment since it does not fulfill the interactive functions correctly. Another mistake is using materials that deteriorate quickly outdoors or do not have the appropriate finish to be used by children, increasing the risk of getting hurt.

Not taking security into account

Security is essential in any playground. When incorporating technological elements, it is necessary to consider additional factors that guarantee that children are not at risk, for example:

– They can trip over electrical cables

– Speakers or screens not well attached to the structures

– Electric shock from exposed wires

– Have no safe exit routes

These factors can cause accidents due to poor installation or inadequate equipment. Therefore, selecting a suitable provider is vital to guarantee a safe and quality interactive playground.

What did you think of this topic? What other points should you consider when choosing an interactive playground?

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