Playgrounds have been the recreational space par excellence for many years; they are the favorite place for children to play, have fun and make friends. The playgrounds are also a meeting place in the community, where parents and representatives enjoy a pleasant time sharing with the family. However, with time, life has become increasingly hectic, where timeshares are becoming increasingly scarce, outings in the open air. Therefore, children have become accustomed to watching a screen more, leaving them playing outside in the background.

Now there is an option that revolutionizes playgrounds, giving them a new air; these are interactive playgrounds, a combination of a traditional playground combined with technological elements that refresh the initial concept of a playground. The interactive playgrounds create an immersive experience where children can feel within a video game, combining the best of both worlds.

When traditional meets modern

The traditional playgrounds have a unique charm that never goes out of style; many of the elements that make them up, such as swings or slides, have been children’s favorites since ancient times, as they offer simple fun that even adults enjoy. By incorporating technological elements, they are given a special touch that changes the game’s dynamics, making it more exciting, new, and engaging.

Innovating the gaming experience

The interactive playgrounds use elements such as screens, speakers, sensors, and other components that turn the traditional playground into a terrain ready to experience new adventures according to the selected theme, allowing each child to feel like a character from their favorite video game. Indeed, this touch of modernity can change the perspective of children who are used to always playing with consoles and remotely with other children through an Internet connection, resuming that person-to-person contact, allowing the child to go outside and obtain the benefits of playing outdoors.

Leaving a sedentary lifestyle behind

One of the main disadvantages of video games is that they promote a sedentary lifestyle in children, becoming so extreme in some cases that they even get used to eating while sitting at the computer or in front of the television, thus increasing the tendency to obesity. The interactive playgrounds stimulate children to run, jump, exercise, breathe fresh air, and share with other children.

Awakening creativity

The interactive playgrounds include multisensory elements. In a traditional playground, children recreate thousands of stories where they are the protagonists. The children have the opportunity to give free rein to their imagination and see their stories materialize with greater realism by including sounds, and visual effects, helping increase the authenticity of your games.

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