The number of times children enjoy the outdoors is currently reduced by the effect of video games, televisions, and cell phones. In many cases, technology takes away the opportunity to enjoy game sessions where they can interact with nature and elements that help their development and benefit their health. This article will reveal some of the benefits of playgrounds on children’s health.

Help prevent childhood obesity

Children need to exercise during their growth stage to strengthen their bodies, develop properly and increase the resistance of their immune systems. In playgrounds, children, in addition to running and jumping, use different recreational equipment that helps improve their physical abilities and psychomotor skills. As they play, they will be doing a lot of exercises, and without realizing it, will be burning calories and getting fit in a fun way, which will reduce the possibility of becoming overweight thanks to the amount of physical activity they are doing.

Helps physical and emotional well-being

Lockdown is not a good friend for children; they need to run, explore, jump and drain the energy they have accumulated. In addition, confinement and low physical activity can cause weakness, anger, depression, and anxiety. Playing outdoors, feeling the sunlight, sharing with other children, and stabilizing in movement, helps children feel much better physically and emotionally.

Strengthens muscles and bones

Besides having fun, the systems and elements that make up a playground have a specific function that helps exercise certain parts of the child’s body or develop particular skills, such as climbing, grasping, maintaining balance, swinging, and others. These activities also help strengthen the musculoskeletal system, tendons, and ligaments, providing strength, resistance and flexibility.

Beneficial for the cardiovascular system

Exercising outdoors also helps the cardiovascular system as it stimulates circulation within the heart muscle and increases the blood that reaches all the muscles in general in the same way that it increases the ability to take advantage of the oxygen that reaches the body through the circulation.

Mental health support

Playgrounds help children improve their physical and mental health, as it allows them to develop skills such as independence and autonomy to explore the world around them. The playgrounds help children make new friends, better manage their emotions, reduce stress, as well as increase their self-confidence and self-esteem as they master the different structures of the playground.

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