Canopée’s “modular play tours” is a line created by architects to offer a play experience inspired by mini houses, which achieves a perfect integration with the environment, providing entertainment for children of all ages and with attractive elements for adults and children. Below are five benefits of this “modular play tours” for playgrounds.

Durable Materials

The “modular play tours” are made of a composite material with a similar appearance to wood. However, it offers more significant advantages than wood since it has outstanding durability and requires less maintenance. In addition, the material does not discolor or deform; even the integrity of the composite components is guaranteed for ten years against any deterioration. The four-sided coextruded Permatech liner is made of high-quality, high-density polyethylene to ensure the benefits of the material and maintain its properties over time.

Innovative design

Canopée is a beautiful line that architects have created under strict design criteria to offer the user functional equipment, but with excellent style, where elements are combined so that children of different ages can play simultaneously, colors that evoke nature and spaces for both play and rest.

Guaranteed security

The “modular play tours” are made up of different elements for use by children of different ages and are created to guarantee everyone’s safety since, for example, the Canopée Tour is a structure that has a height greater than 21 feet. It is safe, with a closed upper floor and highly resistant fences, and its openings do not give rise to risky situations.

Greater versatility

Canopée modules can be used individually or combined, adapting to the available space and forming a complete playground with a harmonious and homogeneous design. Etienne Bernier, the architect in charge of this project, perfectly mixed the elements to give Canopée a flowing style, friendly to the environment, superb usability, and ensuring hours of fun for the little ones in the house. 

Additionally, each element consists of specific activities according to the age of the children and their abilities, tastes, and skills. For example, the model “Bungalow” is for younger children (up to 5 years old) that keeps children entertained, “Caserne” is for older children, from 5 to 12 years old, and has many structures to climb, even it has hidden suspension bridge, having “riskier” activities and finally, “Tour” becomes the most prominent center of attraction, with its viewpoint or children’s clubhouse at the top of the tower.

Compatible with interactive playgrounds

Canopée is so versatile and adaptable that it can be combined with interactive playground technologies, incorporating music, SFX, animations, and more, through screens, sensors, and speakers strategically placed in all structures to provide a state-of-the-art gaming experience. , taking the traditional playground to a new level, recreating the feeling of being inside a video game, where the system receives instructions in English and French, allowing children to carry out activities individually or in groups, enjoying every moment.

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