Playgrounds with themes inspired by nature have increased in popularity in recent years, which can harmoniously integrate the play areas with the natural environment, and the modules serve to play outdoors. Considering all these factors and keeping the original equipment but with new color schemes and a modern and urban style, Canopée is born: game systems inspired by mini houses and cabins. In this post, we will learn a little more about these “modular play tours.”

A new line

Canopée is an innovative line created by architects inspired by mini houses and cabins to do these modules that combine play spaces for younger children with activities at height for older children. They have an architectural line in a style that blends in with the natural environment, thanks to the color palette used. In the same way that it has elements for the entertainment of more energetic and risky children, it has spaces for rest.

Alone or accompanied

Canopée modules can be used individually or combined, thus forming a complete playground, being the centerpiece of it and captivating the eyes of adults and children. Canopée offers a harmonious and exciting overall effect thanks to its coherence on a large scale. Its design was carried out by the renowned architect Etienne Bernier, which gives it great style, design, and usability.

Materials and styles

Canopée pretends to be made of wood, but in reality, it is made of a composite material that maximizes its useful life and facilitates its cleaning. This compound is used in the design of commercial covers, known for its durability, which does not require maintenance and does not discolor. Canopée’s style is characterized by having a classic metallic structure with vertical lines, providing sobriety. Still, at the same time, it has elements that give it an aerodynamic appearance, which makes Canopée the perfect place to play.

Canopée for all

Canopée play structures are very versatile, as there are designs that adapt to spaces and users. For example, the model “Bungalow” is for younger children (up to 5 years old) and mixes different activities to keep children entertained. The model “Caserne” is for adventurous children from 5 to 12 years old since it has many structures to climb, and even it has a hidden suspension bridge. The model “Tour” is the center of the playground and has a lookout or clubhouse for children, which is safe.

From left to right: Models Tour, Caserne and Bungalow

The natural and the interactive

Canopée play structures are compatible with interactive playground technologies, allowing traditional structures to be combined with a multimedia platform that is made up of screens, speakers, and sensors distributed throughout the play area, making an advanced and interactive gaming experience. The system receives instructions in English and French, making an advanced gaming experience with music, SFX, animations, and more, which offers individual or group challenges to children involving running, climbing, talking, laughing, and more within the appeal of a video game.

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