Children have infinite creativity that, in many cases, can be overshadowed by the environment; creativity must be preserved and strengthened so that children can enjoy this cognitive capacity throughout their lives. Creativity allows us to think outside the box, find solutions to new problems, and adapt to new environments. For this reason, it is so important to stimulate imagination and creativity in children, and playgrounds are an excellent tool to enhance imagination during childhood. Next, it will be explained how playgrounds help children’s creativity.

Stimulates divergent thinking

Divergent thinking is the ability to see alternatives, a vital intellectual capacity when creative. Playgrounds help stimulate this thinking by offering children a range of challenges and opportunities that will allow them to select options to achieve a goal that may be different from the obvious choice. For example, a child needs to get from point a to point b, and perhaps the main option is through a marked path on the ground, but maybe he decides to arrive through a suspension bridge, a rope structure, crossing using play boulders, or a combination of different elements.

More than one solution

The playgrounds permit the children to have the ability to look for more than one solution to the problems that may arise. For example, getting off one of the height games after fearing heights, understanding that they can use a slide instead of a rope structure, or finding the exit in a maze more easily. Creativity gives the child the ability to solve novel problems, serving him throughout his life, and helping him perform diligently and effectively.

Improves school performance

The educational system has often tried to teach by repetition; however, traditional education has given way to new methods where the child acquires knowledge through experimentation, putting theory into practice, and seeing beyond a textbook. In the playgrounds, different elements help the child to broaden his vision of the world, allowing him to understand the concepts explained in another way, with a different, more creative, and adaptable focus of attention, allowing the child to increase his performance or efficiency when solving tasks.

It is a tool for expressing yourself

Playgrounds serve as a tool for expression for children, especially if they include musical instruments, blackboards, sandboxes, or imagination playsets. These elements are an excellent way to express the creative side, whether inventing stories or characters, creating melodies, or communicating their ideas, emotions, and feelings. The children will feel free to express themselves to show their tastes and preferences, stimulating their communication and learning capacity. In the same way, they will feel free to express themselves to show their tastes and preferences, stimulating their communication and learning capacity.

What do you think about this topic? What other benefits do you think playgrounds bring to a child’s creativity?

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