Shades are hanging elements supported by a structure that provides shade and comfort to children and adults in playgrounds; they are also used as a decorative element to create more intimate areas. Shades are rarely included in the design of playgrounds as they can be considered more of an aesthetic component than a practical one; therefore, in this article, we have decided to study the contributions of shades to playgrounds to determine if they are useful.

Protection from the sun

The most apparent application of shades is sun protection and providing weather shelter. This is especially helpful on summer days when it is hotter, and the intensity of the sun increases since the shades reduce the impact of ultraviolet rays, protecting children from the dangers that can affect their skin, reducing the possibility of heat stroke, and also lowering the temperature, cooling the areas and making them more suitable for play.

As an educational tool

Playgrounds are an ideal place to consolidate knowledge through play; every element is designed to be part of this process, even the shades. Through them, it is possible to work with children by turning it into an educational tool to play with lights and shadows, generating interest and motivation and becoming a resource that enables the development of creativity and enhances the imagination, becoming a novel proposal before the educational system in the classroom.

In rest areas

The shades make any place more comfortable, making it more cozy and comfortable; this helps in places where there is prolonged permanence of people, for example, the rest areas, because although children stay a long time in the facilities of the playgrounds, they are always in motion. In the rest areas, people are calmer and tend to stay in one place; in the exterior areas, being more prone to direct sunlight can cause sunstroke or even burns on the skin.

Colorful and attractive

Playgrounds are play areas designed with children of different ages in mind, so their installations should be attractive and stimulating. Shades bring color and additional shapes that are suspended in the air, making any area more eye-catching, adding an extra element to the height, adding attractiveness and eye-catching even from a distance, so it will always attract the attention of children,

The real utility

It can be seen that the shades have many more functions than just a decorative object that adds style to a playground, so it is essential to include these elements and consider them from the time of design to optimize the distribution of equipment and areas to maximize the coverage areas as the use of shades. The shades in the playground help prevent skin diseases, combat the negative impact of the sun’s rays, create safe recreational areas, promote non-traditional education, and much more.

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