Wooden playgrounds are very popular for many reasons: they are found in harmony with nature, promote the use of natural or ecological materials, are very durable and resistant, and integrate perfectly into the environment due to their nature and complement the local landscape. However, due to the different options that exist in the market, it can be difficult to select a suitable provider in the Vancouver area. Due to this, in this article, we will explain some reasons why we choose Westplay.

Playground specialists

Westplay is a company with extensive experience in designing, manufacturing, and installing playgrounds for several years now, with a broad background in developing projects for communities, schools, and individuals. The company has a vast knowledge of planning, designing, manufacturing, installing, and maintaining playgrounds of different styles within those that highlight wooden playgrounds

Synonym for quality

Westplay’s wooden playgrounds are especially suited to the climatic conditions of the Vancouver area. The company uses high-quality, treated wood to ensure the playgrounds are durable and resistant to weather. In addition, Westplay playgrounds are designed to fit in with local landscapes and respect the environment.

Playground safety

At Westplay, the safety of children is fundamental. It, therefore, offers wooden playgrounds that comply with the most rigorous safety standards because the wood used for the playgrounds must be of the highest quality and be subject to strict quality.

The wood used in this type of playground is selected with particular characteristics of flexibility and hardness so that it resists prolonged use without compromising the safety of the children, in addition to receiving a previous treatment to avoid damage by humidity and plagues. Also, in the manufacture of the playground elements, it is ensured that the edges are rounded, no splinter or breakage could hurt the children, and that the surfaces are non-slip, which helps prevent accidents and injuries. 

Variety of equipment

Regarding the variety of games and activities, Westplay’s wooden playgrounds offer various options for children to have fun and develop physically and socially, like different playground systems with swings, slides, and others. They can also be combined with other elements, such as rope climbing structures or suspension bridges, to create more complex sets to keep children active and entertained.

Experience in Vancouver

It is essential that, when choosing our provider, we decide on a company with experience in this business area. Experience will be crucial, as it shows that the supplier has knowledge and experience in these projects (wood playgrounds). If we hire, a provider with an understanding of the area (Vancouver) will be an additional positive point since we must take into account that each zone has its own challenges, such as regulations, permits, transport, etc. That is why it is essential to select a supplier with experience in the Vancouver area, as this will allow the service and final product to better adjust to the needs of our project.

Westplay offers a complete consultancy in the Vancouver area, with a team of specialized professionals who will be in charge of providing the best option according to the client’s needs, budget, and time, always guaranteeing quality service and personalized attention so that each client gets what they require and are satisfied with the result.

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