More and more people are interested in installing rubber surfaces in their playgrounds, play areas, or backyards due to the multiple benefits for preventing injuries in children when playing. But let’s talk more in-depth about this material. Recycled rubber can be floor tiles, poured-in-place rubber, and much more. Made with recycled rubber has a positive environmental impact, as this material is known for its sustainability. This article will learn how rubber surfaces contribute to the environment.

Minimize waste

Many tires are thrown into landfills, mixed with other waste. Their decomposition process is slow, increasing the risk of fires; it is a breeding habitat for mosquitoes, causing a polluting effect, unhealthy and occupying more space. Recycling the rubber gives it a useful and environmentally sustainable application; in this way, the tires are kept out of landfills. They reused it for different projects, and the harmful effect is avoided.

They do not contain toxic chemicals

Some news reports the risks of chemical elements found in rubber such as arsenic, benzene, nickel, and cadmium and can be toxic and cause diseases such as cancer, but this is only in large quantities and for a long time. The traces found in the rubber do not cause any adverse effects on children.

Numerous studies show there is no link between cancer and exposure to rubber, in addition to several research works that confirm the fact that the trace chemicals contained in rubber are minimal and have no adverse effects on children, so they have proven the safety of rubber surfacing.

Greenhouse Gas Reduction

Another way rubber surfaces contribute to the environment is they reduce the number of greenhouse gases emitted into the atmosphere. This is because their manufacture does not require more energy sources and fewer materials are needed for the manufacture of new floors and tiles, so the emission of these gases into the environment is minimal.

User preference

Many users have shown a preference for purchasing rubber surfacing due to the environmental benefits its use Plus, they are known not to have the same toxic chemicals and harmful properties found in other flooring elements do that way, rubber surfacing does not have adverse effects on the air, water or land, helping to keep the areas cleaner and increasing its durability.

What do you think about this topic? Do you know another reason why the rubber surfacing is good for the environment?

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