Currently, a large amount of waste is generated that is harmful to the environment. Especially if it is not correctly disposed of and is thrown into landfills or incinerated without considering the gasses and other toxic waste. Fortunately, more and more people are concerned about changing this reality, promoting environmentally friendly materials, and encouraging recycling.

Promoting recycling in communities is an excellent initiative that helps to take advantage of resources, minimize the negative impact on the environment, and help improve communities. That is why some organizations and programs support communities through subversions for recycling projects, such as the TSBC Community Grant Program. In this article, we will learn a little more about this program.

TSBC Community Grant Program

TSBC Community Grants Program raises awareness of the benefits of using recycled tire products and encourages their use; it provides financial support to communities that use this type of product for their projects. This program aims to invest resources to support recycling to protect the environment and, in turn, improve the quality of life in the communities.

Defined objectives

The program’s purpose is about “completing the loop,” that is, bringing products made from British Columbia’s recycled waste tires back into communities. The establishment of this program was in 1991, recycling more than 100 million tires in British Columbia. Thanks to the support of the people of British Columbia, it has become one of the most successful recycling programs in North America.

Benefits of recycled rubber products

Rubber surfaces bring many benefits to playgrounds, sports facilities, recreational and game areas, among other applications. It is a safe material, designed to cushion falls and prevent injuries in children and adults, and wheelchairs can move ideally to use it in inclusive parks; it is low maintenance and withstands inclement weather.

Conditions to be chosen

It is necessary to comply with conditions to be selected as a subsidy beneficiary. The TSBC Community Grant Program will only projects accessible to the public, includind people on wheelchairs. The products to be used are manufactured in British Columbia from waste tires and have a guarantee certificate.

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